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REACH 2018: Make every effort to submit your registration on time


The final REACH registration deadline is on 31 May. ECHA staff, the national helpdesks and industry associations are here to help you all the way – you need to ensure that you submit your registration dossier on time.

Helsinki, 28 May 2018 – 31 May is your last chance to submit a registration for existing (phase-in) substances manufactured or imported at above one tonne per year. This is the legal deadline laid down in the EU’s REACH Regulation. If the registration obligation applies to you and you do not submit your dossier by the last day of May, as of 1 June you can no longer manufacture or import your substance legally in the EU/EEA.

We would like to remind all registrants that the national enforcement authorities have the task to inspect EU/EEA companies’ compliance with their legal obligations. Enforcement actions are expected to take place across Europe after the deadline. These actions include a REACH-EN-FORCE project (REF-7) in 2019, in cooperation with customs authorities, focusing on the verification of the registration obligations of companies manufacturing or importing chemicals. In carrying out their inspections, authorities will use all the information available to them on the companies’ registrations, including the date of submission of the dossier.

ECHA will assist you right up until the last minute so that you can submit your registration:

  • REACH-IT is open every day, 24 hours a day.
  • Our REACH 2018 Support live chat is open on weekdays from 9:00 to 16:00 CEST. On 31 May, it will be exceptionally open until midnight CEST to address your last-minute issues. In addition, the availability of the chat is extended until 8 June to help you with your outstanding registration-related questions.
  • You can always contact us through our contact form.
  • You can apply for Directors’ Contact Group (DCG) solutions until 30 May.
  • Support material is available on ECHA’s REACH 2018 web pages in 23 EU languages.