DCG issues

In case you identify yourself as being in a situation described under issues 10, 15, 20 or 21 in the "Summary Paper on 4 issues and solutions", you are advised to contact ECHA before you submit your dossier.

To be eligible for a DCG solution, you must acknowledge that you have read the disclaimer and the Notice on the use of the DCG solutions. Specific instructions will be displayed for each one of the issues together with a link to contact ECHA.

If you are not required to register your substance by 31 May 2018 then the DCG issues do not apply to you.

I declare that I have read the Summary Paper on 4 issues and solutions and Notice on the use of the DCG solutions to provide information about being in an exceptional situation as identified by the DCG. Based on this information, I claim to be confronted by one of the scenarios outlined and I declare that I meet the necessary requirements in order to make use of the solution as set out in these documents.

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