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Public consultation on inclusion of substances in the Authorisation List

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ECHA launches a public consultation on its draft recommendation of thirteen new substances to be prioritised from the Candidate List for the Authorisation List. The deadline for interested parties to submit comments is 14 September 2011.

Helsinki, 15 June 2011 - In accordance to the REACH Regulation, ECHA has to regularly recommend to the European Commission that substances prioritised from the Candidate List are included in the Authorisation List. Based on an assessment of the available information on the substances on the Candidate List, ECHA currently plans to recommend the following substances:

  1. Chromium trioxide;
  2. Chromic acid, Oligomers of chromic acid and dichromic acid;
  3. Sodium dichromate;
  4. Potassium dichromate;
  5. Ammonium dichromate;
  6. Potassium chromate;
  7. Sodium chromate;
  8. Trichloroethylene;
  9. Cobalt(II) sulphate;
  10. Cobalt dichloride;
  11. Cobalt(II) dinitrate;
  12. Cobalt(II) carbonate;
  13. Cobalt(II) diacetate.

Using the web forms available on ECHA's website, interested parties are invited to comment, in particular on the uses that should be exempted from the authorisation requirement.

On the basis of the comments received, ECHA may modify the draft recommendation, which further specifies the conditions to the authorisation requirement for each selected substance. These conditions include in particular the possible exemptions of uses from the authorisation requirement and the latest application and sunset dates.


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