ECHA decisions on data sharing disputes under BPR


Issue date Decision Legal basis Outcome
for the claimant
12/11/2020 [PDF] 63(3) favourable Data sharing, Biocides, Article 95, Technical equivalence
20/11/2019 [PDF] 63(3) unfavourable Article 95 list, application for approval, every effort, clarity, scope of negotiations
02/10/2018 [PDF] 63(3) unfavourable Lack of efforts, not all efforts exhausted, failure to establish the contact
20/12/2017 [PDF] 63(3) unfavourable  
14/11/2016 [PDF] 63(3) favourable Chemical similarity
18/05/2016 [PDF] 63(3) unfavourable  
19/01/2016 [PDF] 63(3) unfavourable  
08/01/2016 [PDF] 63(3) favourable Failure to consider compensation already received
26/11/2015 [PDF] 63(3) unfavourable  
26/11/2015 [PDF] 63(3) unfavourable  
26/11/2015 [PDF] 63(3) unfavourable  
25/11/2015 [PDF] 63(3) favourable Failure to provide cost breakdown
14/07/2015 [PDF] 63(3) favourable Failure to reply
26/01/2015 [PDF] 63(3) withdrawn after appeal Technical equivalence,
Breach of agreement
18/12/2014 [PDF] 63(3) unfavourable  
23/07/2014 [PDF] 63(3) unfavourable  
04/06/2014 [PDF] 63(3) unfavourable  

*) Note that cases marked with an asterisk were closed without a final decision granting permission to refer being issued, as the claimant did not provide to ECHA a proof of the payment to the other party of a share of the costs incurred or the dispute was otherwise withdrawn