Information of available tests and studies

Any applicant intending to perform tests or studies involving vertebrate animals for their authorisation applications under the BPR must submit an inquiry to ECHA through R4BP 3. The purpose of the inquiry is to determine whether such tests or studies have already been submitted under the Biocidal Products Regulation or the previous Biocidal Products Directive. This inquiry is optional for data involving tests other than on vertebrate animals.

The inquiry is a pre-requisite before bringing a data sharing dispute to ECHA, (regarding vertebrate or non-vertebate studies) including situations where the prospective applicant already knows the data owner(s) or where negotiations have already started.

If such tests or studies have been submitted, ECHA will give the contact details of the data submitter to the applicant. This data will be retrieved from dossiers submitted under the previous Biocidal Products Directive and the Biocidal Products Regulation. ECHA will not provide information on individual tests or studies.

Data protection/use of data by subsequent applicants

If the relevant data protection period has expired, ECHA can agree that the subsequent applicants may refer to data provided in the original application.