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Last chance to claim REACH registration numbers for your NONS notifications

Companies that still want to claim registration numbers assigned to their NONS notifications – for substances previously notified under the Dangerous Substances Directive – must do so before 17 July 2022. After this, ECHA will end the possibility to claim registration numbers for NONS.

Helsinki, 17 January 2022 – ECHA’s registered substances database contains 9 963 notifications made under the predecessor of REACH, the Dangerous Substances Directive. Around 5 000 of the assigned registration numbers have been claimed by their owners, mostly during 2008-2010.

As companies have now had extensive time to claim the assigned registration numbers, and since the rate of NONS claiming has fallen to almost zero in the past years, ECHA will end the possibility to claim registration numbers for NONS on 17 July 2022.

After this date, claiming the registration number in REACH-IT will no longer be possible. ECHA will mark the not-claimed registration numbers in ECHA’s database and on ECHA’s website as no longer valid.

Companies that need technical support when claiming the registration number can contact ECHA using the contact form available online.

For questions regarding the information on the NONS notification, companies must contact the national helpdesk of their Member State competent authorities.


Under REACH, substances notified in accordance with the Dangerous Substances Directive (67/548/EEC) are regarded as registered by the company that submitted the notification. ECHA was tasked to assign registration numbers to all the notifications by 1 December 2008. This happened in two steps.

The first step was the ‘creation’ of registration numbers by ECHA. 9 963 registration numbers were created for 5 294 substances. The second step was the confirmatory ‘claiming’ of the registration numbers by the notification owners in REACH-IT, establishing a link between a registration and the company responsible for it.