Formulators are downstream users who produce mixtures and usually supply them further down the supply chain or directly to consumers. They mix together substances and/or mixtures, with no chemical reaction taking place during the process. Examples of such mixtures include paints, adhesives, cosmetics, lubricants, detergents and diagnostic kits.

These pages aim to provide relevant and useful information to help formulators to fulfil their obligations under REACH and CLP. The main legal obligations of downstream users are outlined on the Downstream user roles and obligations page. The obligations on supplying information on chemicals also apply to distributors.



As a formulator you have a key role to play in enhancing the safe use of chemicals by communicating relevant information both to your suppliers and your customers.

When you provide information to your suppliers on how your mixtures are used in practice, this helps registrants of the substances to include the actual conditions of use in their chemical safety assessments. Registrants, in turn, can then provide you with exposure scenarios that are both relevant and realistic.

Alongside our stakeholder organisations, we are working to improve and standardise supply chain communication in the context of the implementation of the Chemical Safety Report/Exposure Scenario (CSR/ES) Roadmap, see Action areas 2 and 4.

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