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Formulators are downstream users who produce mixtures and usually supply them further down the supply chain or directly to consumers. They mix together substances and/or mixtures, with no chemical reaction taking place during the process. Examples of such mixtures include paints, adhesives, cosmetics, lubricants, detergents and diagnostic kits.

These pages aim to provide relevant and useful information to help formulators to fulfil their obligations under REACH and CLP. The main legal obligations of downstream users are outlined on the Downstream user roles and obligations page. The obligations on supplying information on chemicals also apply to distributors.



Hazardous substances in your mixtures may be subject to regulatory actions. The information on these regulatory controls is essential to make sure that mixtures you place on the market comply with REACH, CLP and other relevant legislation. Being aware of the intentions to propose additional regulatory controls gives more time to plan and implement a business strategy that best fits your specific situation, and to actively engage in the public consultations during the regulatory decision-making processes.


  • Image Information on chemicals

    Find out what the regulatory status of your substance is and what information on it has been submitted to ECHA.

  • Image Registry of Intentions

    Find out which substances the authorities intend to identify as substances of very high concern, propose a restriction on their use or propose harmonised classification and labelling.

  • Image Classification and Labelling Inventory

    Find out if there is a harmonised classification and labelling for your substances, and whether different classifications have been notified.

  • Image Authorisation under REACH

    Find out which substances are in different phases of the authorisation process, such as the Candidate List or the Authorisation List and learn more about this process.

  • Image Restriction under REACH

    Find out which substances are in different phases of the restriction process, and the specific conditions in which the relevant restrictions apply.

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