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The Forum holds its open sessions once a year back-to-back with the last Forum meeting of the year. All ECHA Accredited Stakeholders (ASO) are invited to participate.

A call for interest and request to submit proposals for presentations is launched at the end of the summer each year.

The ASOs are invited to bring of issues they wish to highlight and discuss with the Forum.

The discussions are seen as beneficial for both sides as they served to clarify, in general terms, the NEA approaches and existing activities in Member States.


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The Joint Forum-BPRS Open session took place on 10 November 2021 as a virtual meeting.

The open session was attended by 34 representatives from 26 accredited stakeholder organisations (ASOs) and six representatives from three countries participating in the instrument for pre-accession (IPA) assistance programme.

Five ASOs presented topics relevant to their members, covering various enforcement issues related to REACH and BPR regulations (see table below).

During the session, the Forum and BPRS discussed the issues brought by ASOs, which highlighted some high-level topics such as the improvement of the harmonisation of enforcement between Member States and the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability and how to best support and prioritise enforcement activities. Moreover, it was also discussed the challenges faced by the Ozone industry and an industry initiative to facilitate the control of textile products.

The participants were also briefed about the results of the Forum enforcement projects finalised in 2021, namely the REF-8 project on the enforcement of online sales, which report will be published in December 2021. Additionally, the participants received a summary of the workshops that were held in the Spring of 2021, where the results and recommendations of the projects on Customs, REF-7 (on registration) and BEF-1 (BPR) were discussed with the interested Stakeholders. 

Forum and BPRS invited the ASOs to submit project proposals by April 2022 so they are part of the 2022 cycle for the selection of enforcement projects (see template at the end of the page).

Forums open sessions 2021

Agenda item Title Speaker Presentation
OS 2.1 Update on the scope of REF/BEF projects Oldrich Jarolim – CZ Forum member
Jenny Karlsson – SE BPRS member, BPRS Vice-Chair
OS 2.2.1 Projects and related activities finalised during 2021
- REF-8 on online sales
Karin Rumar – SE Alternate member, WG Chair [PDF]
OS 2.2.2 - ASOs Workshops related to the projects Customs 2, REF-7 and BEF-1 Katja vom Hofe – Forum Chair [PDF]
OS 3.1 Enforcement of in-situ generated Biocides Mike Prince (European Ozone trade Association) [PDF]
OS 3.2 How would future enforcement activities work in practice: enforceability of broad restrictions and revocation of registration numbers Dunja Drmac (Cefic) [PDF]
OS 3.3 Consistency of enforcement between Member States Alan Ritchie (Photoinitiator Platform) [PDF]
OS 3.4 Consumer organizations as core partners in a zero-tolerance approach to non-compliance Pelle Moos (BEUC) [PDF]
OS 3.5 Planning progress on Market Surveillance, from REACH4textiles project, to the CSS to Member States Mauro Scalia (Euratex) [PDF]
OS 4 COM report on the REACH and CLP enforcement indicators Miguel Aguado (DG GROW) [PDF]
OS 5 Conclusions and Action points of the Open session   [PDF]