Forum's Open Sessions

The Forum holds its open sessions once a year back-to-back with the last Forum meeting of the year. All ECHA Accredited Stakeholders (ASO) are invited to participate.

A call for interest and request to submit proposals for presentations is launched at the end of the summer each year.

The ASOs are invited to bring of issues they wish to highlight and discuss with the Forum.

The discussions are seen as beneficial for both sides as they served to clarify, in general terms, the NEA approaches and existing activities in Member States.


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The Forum's 2019 open session took place on 5 November 2019 in Helsinki.

The open session was attended by 11 representatives of 11 accredited stakeholder organisations (ASOs) and 12 representatives from 6 countries participating in the instrument for pre-accession assistance programme.

Ten ASOs presented topics they considered relevant to their members, covering various enforcement issues related to REACH and CLP regulations (see table below).

Opportunities for improvement of the quality of the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) were also discussed during the open session. The outcome of the jointly action by Forum and ASOs on SDS quality was presented. The Forum and ASO experts analysed the most common deficiencies found in SDSs and proposed ways in which stakeholder organisations can work on overcoming them. The Forum adopted the final report of the WG and invited the organisations to implement the suggested recommendations.

The participants were also briefed about the results of the Forum enforcement projects finishing in 2019, namely the pilot project on Substances in Articles and the pan-EU project REF-6 on CLP obligations regarding mixtures. The two reports would be published by the end of 2019. The Forum also invited the ASOs to submit new proposals for its 2020 cycle of selecting enforcement projects.


Agenda item Title Speaker Presentation
OS 3.1.1 Joint initiative ECHA Forum – ECHA ASOs on Improvement of the quality of SDSs Henrik Hedlund – SE Forum member [PDF] [EN]
OS 3.1.2 Guidelines used in automotive sector for SDS and EUPhraC catalogue Anita HILLMER - European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA)

[PDF] [EN]

[PDF] [EN]

OS 3.2 WG mandate - Joint initiative ECHA Forum – ECHA ASOs on Improvement of the quality of SDSs - [PDF] [EN]
OS 4.1 Support for companies facing REACH-induced Supply Chain Disruption Steve George - Aerospace and Defence Industries of Europe (ASD) [PDF] [EN]
OS 4.2

Industry Guidance at a Glance: Raising awareness of CLP obligations in the supply chain

CLP Guidance at a Glance – CRF

CLP Guidance at a Glance – Online sales

CLP Guidance at a Glance – TWD

Dominic Byrne - Downstream Users of Chemicals Coordination Group (DUCC) [PDF] [EN]
OS 4.3 Level playing field for consumer safety in textile products Mauro Scalia - EURATEX [PDF] [EN]
OS 4.4 No data, no market? Dolores Romano - European Environmental Bureau (EEB) & BUND [PDF] [EN]
OS 4.5 Maintaining REACH registrations up-to-date: The petroleum industry’s approach Inneke Claes - FuelsEurope [PDF] [EN]
OS 4.6 Cefic’s REACH Dossier Improvement Action Plan Mariana Fernandes de Barros - Cefic [PDF] [EN]
OS 4.7 Self-classifications: Of no value without enforcement Jaime Sales -Eurometaux [PDF] [EN]
OS 4.8 Enforceability of Restrictions in the absence of analytical methods Karl Weilandt - PlasticsEurope [PDF] [EN]
OS 4.9 New approach methodologies (NAMs) for Improved Chemical & Product Safety Assessment – An Education & Training Opportunity Lidia Ceriani - Humane Society International [PDF] [EN]
OS 4.10 Ensuring enforcement of Articles 13(1) and 25(1) of REACH Julia Baines – PETA International Science consortium [PDF] [EN]
OS 5.1 Update on the scope of REF projects Oldrich Jarolim – CZ Forum member [PDF] [EN]
OS 5.2

Forum’s finalised projects during 2019

- REF-6

- Pilot on Substances in Articles


Henrik Hedlund – SE Forum member

Karin Rumar – SE Forum Alternate


[PDF] [EN]

[PDF] [EN]

OS 6 Actions taken by COM to improve the involvement of customs in REACH enforcement Miguel Aguado – DG GROW [PDF] [EN]
OS 7 Conclusions and Action points of the Open session   [PDF] [EN]


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