Forum's Open Sessions

The Forum holds its open sessions once a year back-to-back with the last Forum meeting of the year. All ECHA Accredited Stakeholders (ASO) are invited to participate.

A call for interest and request to submit proposals for presentations is launched at the end of the summer each year.

The ASOs are invited to bring of issues they wish to highlight and discuss with the Forum.

The discussions are seen as beneficial for both sides as they served to clarify, in general terms, the NEA approaches and existing activities in Member States.


Important disclaimer

Please note, this page includes presentations of third parties. The sole responsibility for the content of these presentations lies with the authors. They do not necessarily reflect the position or opinion of the European Chemicals Agency. The European Chemicals Agency is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained herein.


The Forum's Open session 2017 took place on 8 November 2017, back-to-back with the Forum-28 plenary meeting, in Helsinki. It was attended by representatives of eight accredited stakeholder organisations (ASOs) and several remote attendees.

Five ASOs presented topics they considered relevant to their members, covering the duties of importers of substances, mixtures or articles, including textiles, the risk of withdrawal of critical substances after the 2018 registration deadline, new test methods for upcoming REACH restrictions, and the enforcement of the duty to consider alternatives to animal testing. The topics resulted in dynamic discussions with all the meeting participants.

Many ASOs joined the initiative to work with the Forum on improving the quality of the safety data sheets (SDSs). This activity aims to identify frequently occurring problems with SDSs and will engage ASOs to address them through voluntary industry initiatives.

The session participants were briefed about the ECHA workshop for ASOs that took place on 18 October in Brussels. The discussions at the workshop focused on the improvement of cooperation between ASOs and the Forum.

The Forum also briefed the ASOs about the projects finished in 2017, with emphasis on the preliminary results of the latest REF project (REF-4), dealing with the enforcement of REACH restrictions. The Forum also invited the ASOs to submit new proposals for its 2018 cycle of selecting enforcement projects.

To mark the 10-year anniversary of the Forum, several Member States presented the enforcement activities in their country, whether by highlighting the influence of the Forum’s enforcement practices on their own national activities over the years or by presenting their own national campaigns and projects.


Agenda item Title Speaker Presentation


Support for companies facing REACH-induced Supply Chain Disruption

Steve George - Aerospace and Defence Industries of Europe (ASD)

[PDF] [EN]


Protecting European manufacturers of articles

Erwin Annys - CEFIC

[PDF] [EN]


Enforcement of imported substances

Erwin Annys - CEFIC

[PDF] [EN]


The analysis of silicones

Rachel Evans – Dow

[PDF] [EN]


Level playing field for consumer safety in textile products

Mauro Scalia - EURATEX

[PDF] [EN]


Lack of information on enforcement measures pertaining to Articles 13(1) and 25(1) of REACH

Julia Baines - PISC

[PDF] [EN]


Forum’s reply to PETA/PISC

Sinead McMickan – Forum Vice-chair

[PDF] [EN]


Role of CROs (Contract Research Organisations) and NAMs (New Approach Methodologies) in the REACH registration process

Costanza Rovida - ECOPA

[PDF] [EN]


Joint initiative ECHA Forum – ECHA ASOs on Improvement of the quality of SDSs

Henrik Hedlung – SE Forum member

[PDF] [EN]


Debriefing on the Forum’s discussion at ECHA’s Workshop with ASOs (Brussels, 18 Oct 2017)

Maciej Baranski – ECHA Forum Secretariat

[PDF] [EN]


Forum’s finalised projects during 2017

Katja vom Hofe – Forum Chair

[PDF] [EN]


Update on the scope of REF projectss

Tasoula Kyprianidou-Leontidou – CY Forum member

[PDF] [EN]


Enforcement efforts and the evolution of enforcement in Cyprus in relation to the FORUM’s activities

Tasoula Kyprianidou-Leontidou – CY Forum member

[PDF] [EN]


Implementation of the REACH and CLP Regulations in the last ten years

Graca Bravo & Sofia Barata – PT Forum member and alternate

[PDF] [EN]


Activating SME’s: SDS check for Occupational Health and Safety obligations

Nathan Kuper – NL invited expert

[PDF] [EN]


UK Enforcement Project on Restrictions

Chromium VI and Azo Short Report

Paul Carter – UK invited expert

[PDF] [EN]


Italian enforcement project

Gianni Formenton – IT invited expert

[PDF] [EN]


Enforcement activities of the Greek Competent Authority (GCSL) for REACH & CLP

Chrysanthi Nakopoulou

[PDF] [EN]


Romania Experience Trainings & Inspections

Maria Mija – RO Forum member

[PDF] [EN]