Official Article 95 list for biocides published

Official Article 95 list for biocides published


Following a correction exercise of the provisional list of active substances and suppliers, the first official Article 95 list under the Biocidal Products Regulation is now available on ECHA's website.

Helsinki, 24 September 2014 – The list includes the names of substance suppliers, their countries and product suppliers for relevant biocidal active substances, together with information about which product-types (PTs) they are included for. Participants in the Review Programme, supporters of new active substances, and  submitters of product authorisation applications where the application includes an alternative active substance dossier ("third party"  dossier) are also listed.

The underlying aim of the Article 95 list is to establish a level playing field on the market for active substances.

From 1 September 2015, a biocidal product cannot be made available on the EU market unless either the substance supplier or the product supplier is included in the Article 95 list for the PT to which the product belongs.

ECHA will update the Article 95 list on a regular basis with suppliers who submit compliant applications.