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Safer Chemicals Conference 2021

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Europe is leading the way towards a more sustainable and toxic-free environment.

How are ECHA and its partners supporting companies on the path to sustainability?
What are the regulatory expectations in the evolving landscape and how can we help you meet them?

Stay ahead and join our free online conference for the latest insights and updates. Meet us at interactive sessions, network with peers and visit our virtual exhibition for best practice and advice.

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Registration will start on 6 August 2021. The platform will fit up to 2 500 participants. 


Pathways to sustainability 10:00-11:30 (EEST)


EU chemicals strategy for sustainability: where are we now

Florika Fink-Hooijer
European Commission Directorate General for Environment


How sustainability, innovation and regulation drive for chemicals and products of tomorrow

Bjorn Hansen
Executive Director
European Chemicals Agency 

Roundtable discussion

Safe and sustainable products and materials – how to get there?


Moderator: Jack de Bruijn
Director of Prioritisation and Integration
European Chemicals Agency

Bjorn Hansen
Executive Director
European Chemicals Agency

Florika Fink-Hooijer
European Commission DG Environment

Marco Mensink
Director General

Anne-Sofie Bäckar
Executive Director

Susanne Zänker
Director General of AISE
Downstream Users of Chemicals Co-ordination Group

Networking 11:30-12:00 (EEST)

Interactive sessions

12:00-14:15 (EEST)

Work on groups – getting to safer use of chemicals faster

Jonathan Kuster
European Chemicals Agency 

Zero tolerance approach to non-compliance

Bring your REACH data up to speed

ECHA’s support for industry action 


Laurence Hoffstadt
European Chemicals Agency

Sampo Karkola
European Chemicals Agency

Case study: PFAS in firefighting foams Peter Simpson
European Chemicals Agency

Case study: sustainable products



14:15-15:00 (EEST)
Interactive sessions 15:00-16:45 (EEST)
Contribute to safer drinking water Panagiotis Zarogiannis
European Chemicals Agency

Substances of concern in products - where are we now

One year of the SCIP database: key learnings and way forward

SCIP database: tools and tips for preparing a successful notification

How to use the data on substances of concern in products


Kevin Pollard
European Chemicals Agency 

Clara Rueda
European Chemicals Agency 

Eoin Brennan
European Chemicals Agency 

Poison centres: best practice to help you notify

IUCLID tour: how to prepare your poison centre notification

Cross-sector solution for companies using interchangeable components

Poison centre notification IT solution: new improvements coming up


Heidi Rasikari
European Chemicals Agency 

Daniele Ape
European Chemicals Agency 

Claudia Rimondo
European Chemicals Agency 

Changing public perception on nanomaterials

Public perception on nanomaterials

European regulation improves trust in nanomaterials


Abdelqader Sumrein
European Chemicals Agency 

Conference closure 17:00 (EEST)



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