Biocides Day 2018

Thank you for taking part in our Biocides Day on 24 and 25 October 2018. After five years of implementing the Biocidal Products Regulation, it is time to take stock and look ahead. The event gave insight into latest developments in biocides at EU level and provided a platform to discuss what should be improved for the next five years. The focus was on experiences from companies, stakeholders, Member States, ECHA and the European Commission.  

Note: Some of the information included in this event may be inaccurate. Refer to more recent support material for the most up-to-date information.

Presentations and recording


24 October 2018

Session 1 - Developments at EU level

Session 2 - Developments on biocidal products

Session 3 - Panel discussion: Five years of biocides regulation – how to improve?

25 October 2018 - IT tool training 




24 October 2018
Session 1 – Developments at EU level
Chair: Jack de Bruijn, Director of Risk Management, European Chemicals Agency
08:15–09:00                   Registration 

Opening remarks

Bjorn Hansen
European Chemicals Agency

  • ECHA's Executive Director since 2018. 
  • Joined the European Commission, European Chemicals Bureau, Joint Research Centre in 1991.
  • Head of the Chemicals Unit of Directorate General Environment from 2012. 
  • Involved in the development of REACH and CLP regulations from their very early days.

Where we are on biocides

Erik van de Plassche
European Chemicals Agency

  • Chair of ECHA's Biocidal Products Committee.
  • Senior Scientist at ECHA since 2012 coordinating preparatory activities for the Biocidal Products Regulation.
  • Invited expert at DG Joint Research Centre for coordinating technical and scientific support for the implementation of the Biocidal Products Directive.
  • Also worked at the European Commission's Joint Research Centre, Institute for Health and Consumer Protection.

Impact of endocrine disruptor criteria

Alan Breen
Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Ireland

  • Regulatory toxicologist with 25 years' experience in the area of chemical safety evaluation and risk assessment.
  • Member of ECHA's endocrine disruptor expert group. 

Best practice for in situ applications

Dr Jürgen Gutknecht
Consultant, Lysoform Dr. Hans Rosemann GmbH

  • Member of the Management Committee of European Biocidal Products Forum.
  • Chaired the industrial consortium establishing the active substance dossier for peracetic acid.

Impact of Brexit

Klaus Berend
Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety, European Commission

  • Leads the Unit responsible for the implementation of pesticides and biocides legislation.

Andreas Herdina
European Chemicals Agency

  • Director of Cooperation, responsible for ECHA's preparations for UK's withdrawl from the EU.
10:30–11:00 Questions and answers
11:00–11:30 Break
Session 2 – Developments on biocidal products
Chair: Christel Musset, Director of Registration, European Chemicals Agency

Best practice for product family authorisation 

Adrian Gray
Janssen PMP (Johnson & Johnson)

  • Senior Regulatory Manager leading the European & Asia regulatory teams.
  • Member of the Working Party on the implementation of the biocidal product family concept.
  • Member of the Management Committee of the European Biocidal Products Forum and represents the Forum as nominated expert at the BPR Co-ordination Group meetings.
  • Leads the Risk Assessment Working Group for the European Wood Preservative Manufacturers Association.

Tips for successful Union authorisation

Isabelle Demoment
Hypred - Kersia Group 

  • Member of the Executive Comittee of Kersia group.
  • Responsible for the compliance of products manufactured and placed on the market and for deploying the Corporate Social Responsability programme.
  • Participates in European and national professional associations (CEFIC-EBPF, AISE) to contribute to the implementation of the European regulations within the chemical industry.

Preparing for enforcement 

Eugen Anwander
Forum for enforcement, Biocidal Products Regulation Subgroup

  • Chair of ECHA's Biocidal Products Regulation Subgroup for enforcement.
  • Works at Federal State Government Service Vorarlberg, Institute for Environment and Food Safety, Chemical Safety Unit.
  • Austrian ECHA Forum member since 2011.

Publishing more information on biocides 

Karina Kubinakova
European Chemicals Agency

  • Works in the Computational Assessment and Dissemination Unit, responsible for revamping the information published under the Biocidal Products Regulation.
  • Worked previously in the non–profit sector and in EU institutions.
  • Helped build a database on projects and beneficiaries of EU cross-border, transnational and interregional cooperation programmes, under INTERACT, the service provider to EU programmes within the European territorial cooperation.
12:30–13:10 Questions and answers
13:10–14:30 Break
Session 3 – Panel discussion
Five years of biocides regulation – how to improve? 

Moderator: Jack de Bruijn
European Chemicals Agency

  • Leads the Directorate of Risk Management responsible for  managing ECHA’s scientific evaluations and assessments under the Biocidal Products Regulation.
  • Worked at the European Commission's Chemicals Bureau of the Joint Research Centre.
  • Worked for many years for the Dutch national authorities in the area of regulatory risk assessment of chemicals.

Klaus Berend
Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety, European Commission

  • Leads the Unit responsible for the implementation of pesticides and biocides legislation.
  • Since joining the Commission in 1994, has also lead the Units responsible for the implementation of the REACH Regulation; the Classification, Labelling and Packaging Regulation, Good Laboratory Practices, detergents, fertilisers, drug precursors, explosives and pyrotechnic articles; as well as the sustainability and competitiveness of the chemicals industry.

Aurelie Chezeau
Anses - French agency for food, environmental and occupational health and safety

  • Deputy Head of the Coordination Unit for biocidal products assessment at Anses.
  • Member of ECHA's Biocidal Products Committee.
  • 10 years of experience in the regulations for biocides and plant protection products.

Camelia Mihai
European Chemical Industry Council, Cefic

  • Leads the European Biocidal Products Forum, following the regulatory developments of the EU biocides legislation and providing support, information and advice to the Forum members.
  • Represents the Forum in various fora at EU level.
  • Works on various topics around compliance and implementation of the BPR. 

Elodie Cazelle
A.I.S.E - the European detergents, cleaning and maintenance products association

  • Scientific & Regulatory Affairs Manager at A.I.S.E.
  • Responsible for issues related to biocides and for providing support to members in implementing BPR.
  • Represents A.I.S.E. in the meetings of the biocides competent authorities and coordination group.

Hugues Kenigswald
European Chemicals Agency 

  • Leads the Biocides Assessment Unit responsible for most of ECHA’s technical and scientific assessment in the field of biocides.
  • Worked on the risk assessment of food additives and nutrient sources at the European Food Safety Authority.
  • Over 20 years of experience in the field of chemicals risk assessment and risk management at national, EU and global level.

Anders Bolmstedt
Health Care Without Harm Europe

  • Chair of the Board of Health Care Without Harm Europe. 
  • Has worked as a chemist for 15 years in Region Västra Götaland, Sweden, whose main mission is public health care.
  • Works primarily with strategies to reduce and substitute harmful chemicals.
16:15–16:30 Closing: Bjorn Hansen
Executive Director, European Chemicals Agency
14:00–18:00 One-to-one sessions 
16:30–18:00 Networking


25 October 2018
IT tool training FULL
09:30–11:15          IUCLID - How to create a biocides dossier
11:15–11:30 Break
11:30–13:00 SPC Editor - How to create a summary of your product's characteristics
13:00–14:00 Break
14:00–16:00 R4BP 3 - How to submit your application



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