Inter-Agency Job Market

The agencies of the European Union promote an inter-agency job market to foster the mobility of their highly qualified staff.

These vacant posts are exclusively accessible to staff of the agencies and posts will be reserved for staff whose grade is within the range published in the vacancy notice. Successful candidates will be recruited at the grade held in their original agency.

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Short term exchange programme

SEP/ECHA/2019/01- Toxicology, ecotoxicology, risk assessment and risk management

Call for expression of interest:

  1. Reference and type of exchange: SEP/ECHA/2019/01- request for expertise.
  2. Recruiting Agency/Directorate/Unit: ECHA - Prioritisation and Integration Directorate – Prioritisation Unit.
  3. Address and contact person:
  4. Profile: Scientific Officer.
  5. Background (education and expertise): Toxicology, ecotoxicology, risk assessment and risk management.
  6. Experience required in (professional experience and years of experience in the field):
    • Implementation of the food contact material regulation or chemicals assessment and management related parts of other EU legislation;
    • Chemicals risk assessment or management at EU or national level or data mining and analysis;
  1. Length: 2 months.
  2. Period of assignment: Q4/ 2019.
  3. Overall assignment objective: The main aim of this exchange programme is for ECHA to get a better understanding on how the food contact materials (FCM) legislation functions in practice. This will support the relevant teams in ECHA to better understand on how REACH/CLP data could be used for identifying and prioritising substances of concern in different materials and for defining the relevant safe use levels(under the FCM regulation) or needs for other regulatory actions.
  4. Tasks:
    • Contribute to the identification and prioritisation of (groups of) substances;
    • Contribute to analysing which are the most appropriate regulatory actions to address concerns on (groups of) substances;
    • Contribute to achieving better understanding of ECHA’s staff on the functioning of the FCM legislation.
  1. Apply by: 7 October 2019 at 12.00 noon Helsinki time (11:00 CET), by submitting the application form below in the "Related" section to the HR Unit of the Agency you are employed by.
  2. Possibility to telework: up to 20% of the assignment duration could be fulfilled at the premises of the sending Agency.

Description of the process:

>>Call for Expression of interest
  >> Applications
    >> HR review and sending to requesting agency
       >> Assessment of applications received by requesting agency
          >> Online interview by requesting agency
             >> Exchange of letters/agreement between the two agencies
                >> Start of Exchange
                   >> Feedback from staff and agencies HR upon finalisation of Exchange

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