Dissemination platform updates


Dissemination Platform v4.5.0 (9 November 2020)


REACH Registered substances

The REACH registered substance portal has been updated as follows:

  • IUCLID 6.5 dossier format is now supported, so such dossiers can be processed and published.
  • Total tonnage band and registration status calculation and presentation has been improved.
  • These improvements are also integrated to the substance Infocards.
  • Registrants and suppliers details are presented in a new data view, increasing transparency.
C&L Inventory

Aligning with identified quick wins from the full C&L Inventory redesign project, the current C&L Inventory portal has been improved as follows:

  • The portal results table now shows either 1) the harmonised classification, where available (or the fact that there are multiple possible harmonised classifications), 2) the first ranked notified classification coming from REACH registrations, where present, or 3) the first ranked notified classification coming from CLP notifications.
  • The presented classification is available for export, up to the permitted maximum number of exportable rows.
  • The C&L regulatory context has been split, so that it is now explicitly visible per substance whether that substance has a harmonised C&L, is subject to Seveso, or has notified C&L data.
  • This improved visibility of regulatory context is also integrated to the substance Infocards, and to the Advanced search for substances.
POPs Regulation
  • Key datasets from the POPs Regulation have been integrated to the Dissemination Platform – the list of identified POPs substances, and the list of substances proposed as POPs
  • A Persistent Organic Pollutant (POP) Property of concern has been added, integrated to the substance Infocards, and to the Advanced search for substances.
Biocides Data
  • Annex I active substance redirection to authorised products fixed.
  • Regulatory process search filters updated.
  • Publication mechanism issue resolved.
Other changes
  • ECHA substance identity management system upgrade support.
  • Login and security upgrade support.
  • Back end improvements and small bug fixes.

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