CAD - Chemical Agents Directive, Annex II - Binding BLVs

EU. Directive 98/24/EC, Annex II, Binding Biological Limit Values and Health Surveillance Measures, OJ (L 131) 11, 5 May 1998

This list contains substances assigned a binding biological exposure limit (BEL) by the European Union. National BELs for these substances may not deviate from the limits in the Directive. Annex II contains the binding BEL for lead.

Last updated 28 June 2021. Database contains 1 unique substances/entries.
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Lead EC / List no: 231-100-4 | CAS no: 7439-92-1
Lead compounds EC / List no: - | CAS no: -
70 µg/100ml
B Blood
40 µg/100ml
0.075 mg/m3
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