Risk Management Expert (RiME) meeting

The Risk Management Expert (RiME) meeting provides an informal platform to discuss and voluntarily coordinate activities related to regulatory risk management under REACH. Any suggestions, advice, common views and conclusions obtained at RiME are non-binding and only serve to support the work of the individual Member States and ECHA.

The RiME meetings are held three times per year (typically February, May and October) and are co-organised by the hosting Member State competent authority (MSCA) and ECHA. ECHA provides the secretariat for the RiME meetings.

Establishment and role

The RiME meetings, which began in 2010, are now an established part of the implementation of the ‘Roadmap for SVHC identification and implementation of REACH risk management measures’.

The role of the RiME meetings is to:

  • Support the implementation of the SVHC Roadmap to 2020 relating to screening and risk management option analysis (RMOA) activities undertaken by the MSCAs and ECHA (at the request of the European Commission (COM)) to identify substances for which further risk management is needed, ensuring links with REACH and CLP processes;
  • Discuss generic RMOA-related topics arising from authorities experiences preparing RMOAs and further develop RMOA approaches;
  • Plan intended further work on risk management for specific (groups of) substances and specific concerns;
  • Develop tools to help authorities carry out their tasks and stakeholders follow progress (e.g. PACT) under the SVHC Roadmap to 2020 implementation;
  • Discuss other topics which are relevant to the area of regulatory chemical risk management;
  • Contribute to preparing the Annual Report of the Roadmap for SVHC identification and implementation of REACH risk management measures.


The MSCAs, COM and ECHA representatives can participate in the meetings. The main items are reported to, and where necessary, discussed by the CARACAL meetings organised by the Commission.

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