Работна група за веществата от групата на нефтените и въглищните потоци (PetCo

The Petroleum and Coal stream Substances (PetCo) Working Group is a platform for Member State competent authorities, the European Commission, ECHA and industry stakeholders to discuss and coordinate activities related to petroleum and coal stream substances (PetCo).

The working group’s primary activity has been to develop an approach on how to prioritise and address petroleum and coal stream UVCB substances (very complex and variable/partly undefined composition) for further work under the Roadmap for SVHC identification and implementation of REACH risk management measures. 


Establishment and role

The PetCo Working Group was established in 2015 to develop an approach to identify and address PetCo substances and plan how to practically implement this approach as required by the SVHC Roadmap to 2020.

The roadmap gives priority to substances with SVHC properties and petroleum and coal stream (PetCo) UVCB substances fall under its scope.

The roadmap recognises that, due to their complex nature, there is first a need to develop an approach on how to assess these substances. The systematic assessment is then expected to start later. The roadmap also highlights that work on regulatory risk management (RRM) for petroleum stream substances needs to start.

ECHA hosts and coordinates the working group.



The PetCo Working Group is a platform for exchanges between authorities and industry to ensure that the work on PetCo substances moves forward using the developed approach as a basis. It will also ensure that progress is made in improving the registration dossiers and further regulating petroleum and coal stream substances where necessary.

The group:
  • Applies the PetCo approach to all petroleum and coal stream substances and identifies substances for which further regulatory action is needed, whether it is data generation or regulatory risk management.
  • Follows up planned activities related to specific substances and specific concerns.
  • Discusses and shares experiences among Member State competent authorities, the European Commission and ECHA on identifying, assessing and managing PetCo substances.
  • Enhances cooperation and shares the work on (groups of) substances to avoid duplication of work.
  • Interacts with other relevant groups (e.g. RIME, PBT expert group) where needed to ensure the best use of expertise, avoid duplication of work and gather experience from other Member States.
This joint platform should facilitate the work of industry, which is expected to mainly focus on:
  • Improving registration dossiers (e.g. uses, substance identification) to enable substances to be efficiently identified for further work.
  • Generating the necessary hazard data, whether directly (e.g. testing proposal) or through compliance check or substance evaluation.
It should also help the work of authorities in identifying whether and what regulatory risk management is needed on PetCo substances. 
The role of authorities is also to continue further developing how to address these UVCB substances in different regulatory processes. This work will be handled in a (closed) authority session with a report to the main PetCo Working Group.
The main outcome of the PetCo Working Group is reported, as appropriate, to the RIME and CARACAL meetings. 


Nominated experts from the following organisations are currently participating in the PetCo Working Group:
  • EU Member State competent authorities (BE, DE, DK, ES, FR, LT, NL, PL, SE).
  • European Commission (DG GROW).
  • Stakeholder organisations:
    • The oil companies' European organisation for environment, health and safety in refining and distribution (CONCAWE).
    • Hydrocarbons Solvents REACH consortium (HCSC)
    • CEFIC Coal Chemicals Sector Group (CCSG).
    • AECM (Association European Candle Makers).
    • Lower Olefins and Aromatics (LOA).
    • Higher Olefins and Poly Alpha Olefins (HOPA).
Experts nominated by the EU Member State competent authorities, the European Commission, and ECHA's accredited stakeholder organisations can participate in the meetings. 
For further information on the nomination procedure, please contact ECHA at: petco_cg (at) echa.europa.eu.
Meeting Dates and Notes


The PetCo Working Group meets three times per year. Meeting dates for PetCo Working Group meetings:


Meeting Date Notes
Meetings 2017
7th Meeting 30 – 31 May Download [PDF]
8th Meeting 25 - 26 October Download [PDF]
Meetings 2018
9th Meeting 7 – 8 February Download [PDF]
10th Meeting 6 - 7 June Download [PDF]
11th Meeting 22 - 23 October Download [PDF]
Meetings 2019
12th Meeting 24 - 25 April Download [PDF]
13th Meeting 4 - 5 November Download [PDF]
Meetings 2020
14th Meeting 24 - 25 March 2020 Download [PDF]
15th Meeting 5 November 2020 Download [PDF]
Meetings 2021
16th Meeting 15 April 2021 Download [PDF]
17th Meeting 3 - 4 November 2021 Download [PDF]
Meetings 2022
18th Meeting 27 April 2022 Download [PDF]
19th Meeting 8-9 November 2022 Download [PDF]
Meetings 2023
20th Meeting 19 April 2023 Download [PDF]
21st Meeting 7 November 2023 Download [PDF]