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Cases where ECHA is a party

Cases where ECHA is a party

This table contains all the court cases closed with a ruling to which ECHA has been a party. Interested parties can easily refer to decisions that may be relevant to them within the scope of ECHA's core activities (REACH, CLP, among others). For some of the cases, there may be a pending appeal or renvoi, which are also listed in the table. The table does not show staff or procurement cases.

The closed court cases have been classified into seven categories:

  1. REACH Candidate List: cases related to the identification of a substance as being of very high concern;
  2. REACH Authorisation: cases related to the inclusion of a substance in the Authorisation List (Annex XIV) and authorisation applications;
  3. REACH Evaluation: cases where ECHA has requested information from a registrant under the evaluation procedure (Articles 40, 41 or 46 of REACH);
  4. CLH: cases concerning the harmonisation of classification of a substance;
  5. Biocides: cases concerning biocides;
  6. ATD: cases related to requests for access to documents;
  7. Company size: cases related to company size verification and related charges. 

ECHA Cases Evaluation


Case number Parties Keywords Main Legal Provisions Procedurally linked cases Date of the ruling
T-125/17 R BASF Grenzach v ECHA Interim measures — REACH — Substance triclosan — Evaluation procedure — Decision of the Board of Appeal of the ECHA — Obligation to provide certain information requiring animal testing — Application for interim measures — No urgency Art. 278 and 279 of TFEU; Art. 156 and 158 of the Rules of Procedure of the General Court

Prior case

Pending Appeal C-565/17 P(R)

T-673/13 European Coalition to End Animal Experiments v ECHA Action for annulment - REACH - Application for registration of the chemical substance triphenyl phosphate - Intervener before the Board of Appeal of ECHA - Applicant not affected directly - Concept of regulatory act - Inadmissibility Art. 263 TFEU;
Art. 114 of the Rules of Procedure 


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