Trial service

This service is designed for users who wish to get familiarised with the functionalities of the IUCLID Cloud and ECHA Submission Portal.

The IUCLID Cloud trial service is provided with 100 MB of data storage, limited helpdesk support and no backups, but will be updated to the latest release of the IUCLID application automatically. Users are able to perform all the dossier preparation tasks which include editing data and running the plug-in tools needed to prepare a complete dossier.

The ECHA Submission Portal trial version is designed for users who wish to get familiarised with the submission functionalities. All submissions made in the trial version will not be treated as real data to fulfil legal obligations. Users can submit SCIP notifications submissions, including simplified SCIP notifications, and use other functionalities available in the ECHA Submission Portal.

To access these services, each company needs a valid ECHA account. You need the role “IUCLID trial Full Access” to use the IUCLID Cloud trial service. To access the ECHA Submission Portal trial service, you need the role `Submission Portal Manager’. For more information on how to create and manage an ECHA Account, see the ECHA Accounts manual.

The use of these services will be subject to the acceptance of dedicated terms and conditions.