UK-based authorisation holder under REACH

After the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, EU legislation will no longer apply to the UK. This means that, for example, if your UK-based company holds or is covered by a REACH authorisation for certain uses of an Annex XIV substance, the conditions of the authorisation no longer apply to you.

Authorisations granted to UK-based companies will no longer exist, so EU-based companies relying on such authorisations will need to find suppliers with valid authorisations in the EU-27/EEA, or apply for new authorisations themselves.

A UK-based company can transfer its application or authorisation e.g. to an only representative in the EU. We recommend that you make a formal agreement with the only representative that takes effect at the same time as the UK’s withdrawal. The transfer shall be notified in REACH-IT as early as possible during the ‘Brexit window’ between 12 and 29 March 2019 following the instructions in the 'How to transfer your UK REACH registrations prior to the UK withdrawal from the EU' guide.

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