Restrictions process

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Commission’s decision on the restriction

Within three months of receiving RAC and SEAC’s compiled opinions, the Commission prepares a draft amendment to the list of restrictions (Annex XVII).

The Commission submits it to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) to ensure that it does not create technical barriers to international trade. The Commission is assisted by the Advisory Committee, which consists of participants from the Member States.

If the Council or the European Parliament do not oppose to the restriction, it is adopted.

The decision to restrict is published in the Official Journal.

ECHA also publishes the restrictions on its website.

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Complying with the restriction


Once adopted, industry needs to comply with the restriction. Industry refers to anyone addressed in the restriction, such as manufacturers, importers, distributors, downstream users or retailers.

National helpdesks are the first point of contact for questions on compliance with REACH, including restrictions.

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Enforcing the restriction

Member States are responsible for enforcing the restriction.

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