Reporting on the operation of PIC Regulation

Article 22 of the PIC Regulation requires the Commission to report every three years on the performance of the PIC Regulation. For this purpose, Member States and ECHA forward to the Commission information concerning the operation of the procedures under the PIC Regulation. The Commission then compiles a report integrating the information provided by the Member States and ECHA. A summary of that report is published on the internet and is forwarded to the European Parliament and to the Council.

The input provided by ECHA to the Commission is also published on the ECHA website in the form of a report. It is structured along a questionnaire provided by the Commission. 

The ECHA report offers an overview of the implementation of its tasks as stated under the Article 6 of the PIC Regulation. It provides not only the main figures of the various types of industry submissions processed by ECHA over the reporting period, but also a qualitative estimation of how the procedures under the PIC Regulation function against their objectives and the resources allocated to them. In particular, it aims at identifying how the collaboration between the various actors involved, and in particular ECHA, the EU Member States’ Designated National Authorities and the Commission, work and how could be further improved, if necessary.

The ECHA report is also describing the developments of the IT system in support to the implementation of the PIC Regulation (ePIC), and the feedback received on it, as well as on how the data from the PIC processes is made available through the ECHA public website.

Finally, the ECHA report offers the opportunity to identify possible improvements to the PIC Regulation itself or its implementation practice, in order to make it even more efficient and impactful.