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IUCLID 6: October 2021 release

Webinar date

10 November 2021 11:00 - 12:00 EET


Questions and answers received during the webinar.

This webinar introduces the latest version of IUCLID 6, released on 27th October.

IUCLID has two scheduled updates a year. This update contains a number of enhanced features to support those who need to submit data for regulatory purposes in the IUCLID format. This applies to jurisdictions both inside and outside the EU.

We will present an overview of the important changes in this release of IUCLID. We will provide an update on what has changed with the IUCLID report generator and give an overview of how IUCLID’s default reports can be used. We will also share some guidance on where to find IUCLID’s support material and give a live demo of the main changes.

More about IUCLID

Presentation Speaker
Welcome and introduction Francois Le Goff
IUCLID reporting, what has changed and what is available Mark Roberts
IUCLID support material and live demo of new features Robin Allen
Conclusion Francois Le Goff