Overview of downstream user reports July - December 2016

This data shows the number of downstream user reports received by ECHA, the number of substances reported and the number of legal entities from whom reports have been received. It also indicates the reasons for submitting the report.

Downstream users are required to inform ECHA if they have to prepare a downstream user chemical safety report or if they rely on certain exemptions from the obligation to prepare a chemical safety report.

This overview on downstream user reports is updated regularly.

Legal reference: Article 38(1) of REACH


Table 1

Overview of downstream user reports
Reporting began in May 2011
July 2016 -
December 2016
Total from
May 2011 -

December 2016
Number of reports received 85 716
Number of substances reported 63 467
Number of legal entities reporting 29 301
Reason for the downstream user report
Downstream user to prepare chemical safety report
64 640
Substance used in total qty < 1tonne/year
20 73
Substance used for PPORD
0 1
Classification differs from supplier
1 2
Reason for downstream user chemical safety report
Use not covered despite communicating it to supplier
82 682
Confidential Business Information
3 84
Did not provide information due to burden of supply chain communication mechanisms
12 116
Use advised against
8 19
Other / not specified
4 32


Table 2

This table presents the number of reports, substances and use sites reported on a country by country basis. The main site where the substance is manufactured or formulated before supply is reported where there are a number of use sites.

Overview of reporting by country: July 2016 to December 2016
Country Number of Reports Number of Substances

Number of legal entities reporting

Total 85 63* 29
France 23 22 4
Germany 425 25 5
Italy 14 13 7
Spain 2 2 2
United Kingdom 1 1 1
All other countries 20 17 10

*This is not the sum of the rows below, as some substances were reported from more than one  country

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