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Q When can an adaptation of the information requirements under REACH be exercised by a Registrant, in case the substance is used in cosmetic products in the EEA?

In general, testing for human health endpoints can be adapted (‘waived'), if the substance is used in the EEA exclusively in cosmetic products falling within the scope of the Cosmetics Regulation, and if the testing would not be necessary to fulfil the REACH requirements for the assessment of worker exposure.

Two main scenarios are foreseen where cosmetics-based waiving could be applied. 

  • In cases where imported products fall within the scope of the Cosmetics Regulation (EC No 1223/2009) and which, from the time of import, are neither further processed nor repackaged inside the EEA, an adaptation of animal testing requirements for human health endpoints can be sought, based on the absence of relevant worker exposure;  
  • In other cases, you may be able to seek an adaptation of an information requirement by demonstrating that the substance is handled under strictly controlled conditions during all stages of the life-cycle, other than the use as a cosmetic product (i.e. manufacture, formulation and/or packaging stage).  

In all circumstances, you shall provide a reasoned justification for requesting the waiver.

Modified Date: 04/06/2015
Topic: REACH
Scope: Cosmetics
ID: 0991
Version: 1.0

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