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Q Will substances and mixtures used in scientific research & development have to be classified and notified under CLP?
A Both substances and mixtures used in scientific experimentation, analysis or chemical research are exempted from the obligations of CLP as a whole, provided they are not placed on the market and they are used under controlled conditions in accordance with Community workplace and environmental legislation. However, as soon as substances and mixtures used in scientific research & development (R&D) are physically made available or supplied to another legal entity, for example by sending samples from a university to another research institute or by importing such samples, this is considered as "placing on the market" (see CLP Article 2(18)). In this case CLP requires the supplier or importer to classify according to the available information, to label and package the sample of a hazardous substance or mixture according to CLP and to notify to the C&L Inventory the substance(s) contained therein if it/they meet(s) the criteria for classification as hazardous on the basis of available information.
Modified Date: 08/08/2019
Topic: CLP
Scope: Scope and exemptions under CLP
ID: 0185
Version: 1.0
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