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Q What are the obligations of a Downstream User (DU) who uses a registered substance, as such or in a mixture, for the purpose of product and process orientated research and development (PPORD)?

The obligations under REACH for a DU using a substance for the purpose of PPORD may differ, depending on whether or not the PPORD activity is covered by a PPORD notification made by the manufacturer or importer of the substance.

A DU, who is listed in a PPORD notification submitted by the manufacturer or importer as one of the customers, operates under the responsibility of his supplier and must respect any conditions set in accordance with Article 9(4) of REACH and/or communicated to him by his supplier. If the DU stops using the substance for the purpose of PPORD and, by this, ends the cooperation with his supplier, he needs to inform his supplier, as the supplier will need to update his notification to remove the DU from the list of customers.

Alternatively, a DU can use a substance for the purpose of PPORD under his own responsibility and initiative. Since a DU does not have the registration obligation of Articles 5 and 6 of REACH, there is no need for the DU to submit a notification under Article 9 of REACH to be exempted from the registration obligation.

If he adequately controls the risks to human health and the environment in accordance with the requirements of legislation for the protection of workers and the environment, the DU is not required to prepare a DU CSR, even if his conditions of use are not covered in the extended SDS of his supplier or  the use is advised against (Article 37 (4) (f)). According to Art 38(1)(b), the DU must report to ECHA if using a registered substance at greater than 1 tonne for the purposes of PPORD and availing of the exemption in Art. 37(4)(f).

Modified Date: 21/07/2016
Topic: REACH
Scope: Downstream users
ID: 0839
Version: 1.1
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