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The UKs withdrawal from the EU


My EU-based company needs to notify an export of a chemical subject to the PIC Regulation to the UK, and the export will take place after the end of the transition period. In accordance with Article 8(2) of the PIC Regulation, the export should be notified 35 days before the expected date of export, how to proceed?

Pursuant to Article 8(2) of Regulation (EU) No 649/2012 on the export and import of hazardous chemicals, exporters are required to notify their exports 35 days before the expected date of export. To cover exports taking place in the first 35 days of 2021 if there is no confirmation of the extension of the transition period, a procedure will be reactivated to allow EU-based exporters to notify the planned export to the United Kingdom in advance of the end of the transition period. These export notifications will take effect if the end of the transition period is confirmed

Instructions on how to proceed are described in the document “How to notify PIC exports to the UK in the absence of a decision on the UK’s withdrawal from the EU”.

Please note that this reply does not yet take into account the impact of the Protocol on Northern Ireland which will become applicable as from the end of the transition period. The reply will be amended in due course accordingly.

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