Entry 28 to 30 of Annex XVII to REACH - CMR substances

Are substances classified as CMRs, and included in Annex VI to CLP but not yet included in the Appendices 1-6 of Annex XVII to REACH, covered by the restrictions in entries 28-30 of Annex XVII to REACH?
No, only substances listed in the relevant Appendices (1 - 6) of Annex XVII are covered by the restrictions in entries 28 - 30.
When substances are classified for the first time as CMR and included in an ATP of the CLP Regulation, the European Commission prepares a draft amendment to include these substances in the Appendices of REACH Annex XVII. The amendment then has to be adopted in accordance with Article 68(2) of REACH, before the new substances are covered by entries 28-30.