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Entry 03 of Annex XVII to REACH - Oil lamps

In entry 3(1) what is included within the scope of ‘ornamental articles’, in addition to the examples of ornamental lamps and ashtrays in the legal text?
The restriction should be understood as a broad restriction covering all articles that contain liquids specified in the entry and intended to produce light or colour effects by means of different phases and which have an ornamental design. It does not matter if the article also has other functions besides being decorative. So for example, if articles such as cell phone covers, liquid timers, toothbrushes, shower curtains, key-rings and hourglasses contain ornamental features that produce light or colour effects, they are covered by the restriction even though the ornamental function is not the primary function of the article. Decorative LED lamps with glitter are also included within the scope of this restriction.

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