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Entry 43 of Annex XVII to REACH - Azocolorants and Azodyes

The restriction indicated in entry 43(3) applies only to the placing on the EU market of substances or mixtures containing the azodyes listed in Appendix 9 at a concentration exceeding 0.1% by weight, and to the use of such substances/mixtures within the EU. Does the restriction therefore not apply to imported articles which have been dyed with the azodyes listed in Appendix 9?

Entry 43(3) of Annex XVII restricts the placing on the market of substances and mixtures containing over 0.1% of the azodyes listed in Appendix 9, when they are intended for colouring textile and leather articles, and also the actual use of the substance or mixture for that purpose. Therefore, the presence of these substances in imported articles is not restricted.

However, pursuant to paragraphs 1 and 2 of the restriction, if an azodye in Appendix 9 releases one or more of the aromatic amines listed in Appendix 8 in a concentration above 30 mg/kg (0,003 % by weight, it cannot be used in textile and leather articles which may come into direct and prolonged contact with human skin or the oral cavity (such as those listed in paragraph 1). Those textile and leather articles cannot be placed on the market unless they comply with that concentration limit.

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