Legal entity

B. Legal entity change

How can I download the dossier that I acquired via a legal entity change?

When a legal entity change (LEC) takes place, a new submission number is created to keep track of the asset transfer. These submission numbers are assigned for administrative purposes and are not linked to a dossier.

To download the latest submitted dossier after a (LEC) follow these steps: 

1. Go to REACH-IT Menu >  select ‘Reference numbers’

request IUCLID file


2. Select the reference number linked to the dossier you wish to download

Reference number history


3. Scroll to the middle/bottom of the page, and open the tab ‘Reference number history’


4. Select the last successful submission number (initial submission or submission update in the Event column) that took place before the legal entity change.


5. Click on request IUCLID file