Other calls for comments and evidence

Other calls for comments and evidence top text

These consultations relate to topics that are not necessarily connected to the identification of candidates for substitution or to the derogations concerning the exclusion criteria for the approval of active substances. These consultations are launched, for example, in the context of Article 75 (1) (g) mandates from the European Commission.



EFSA and ECHA to develop guidance on the impact of water treatment processes on active substance residues in drinking water

EFSA in collaboration with ECHA has launched a consultation on draft EFSA-ECHA guidance on the impact of water treatment processes on residues of active substances or their metabolites in water abstracted for the production of drinking water. The guidance outlines which water residues have to be assessed, the identification of water treatment transformation products that are formed and how to complete a risk assessment that includes intakes from consuming treated water. Interested parties are invited to submit their comments by the indicated deadline. When submitting the comments, specific reference to the line and page numbers to which the comments relate must be made.

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Start date: 01/09/2022  - Deadline 27/10/2022



There are currently no ongoing consultations.