Mise en œuvre de la feuille de route 2020 sur les SVHC

SVHC Roadmap

Implemented since 2013, the Roadmap for SVHC identification and implementation of REACH risk management measures from now to 2020 (SVHC Roadmap) states an EU-wide commitment for having all relevant currently known substances of very high concern (SVHCs) included in the Candidate List by 2020.

The SVHC Roadmap aims to present a credible process to make sure this objective is achieved. It outlines a methodology with clear deliverables, plans and sharing of responsibilities.

The SVHC Roadmap implementation plan focuses on how the work is organised and carried out. Each year, ECHA reports on the progress made in implementing the roadmap.

As of 2019, the SVHC Roadmap reporting is published as part of the Integrated Regulatory Strategy Report.