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Q Does the authorisation requirement apply to the use of substances in articles?
No. The placing on the market or the use of an article which contains an Annex XIV substance is not subject to the authorisation requirement. However, if not specifically exempted otherwise, the incorporation of an Annex XIV substance into an article is a use which is subject to the authorisation requirement. Moreover, the Chemical Safety Report of an application for authorisation for a given substance should cover the whole substance service-life for the "use(s) applied for", including the service life of articles and the waste stage (see Article 62(4)(d) and Annex I (5.1.2) and (5.2.2) of REACH).
Other legal requirements also apply to substances of the Candidate List present in articles, such as communication obligations along the supply chain and notification to ECHA:
Article 33(1) of REACH requires that a supplier of articles containing a SVHC included in the Candidate List for authorisation in a concentration above 0.1% (w/w) has to provide relevant safety information to the recipients of these articles. Upon request of a consumer, the same supplier has to provide relevant safety information about the SVHC available to him also to this consumer (Article 33(2) of REACH). This obligation applies irrespective of the tonnage of the substance used and also applies to imported articles. Importers and producers of articles have to, under certain conditions, notify to ECHA if their articles contain Candidate List substances (as per Article 7 of REACH).
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Date de modification: 03/10/2018
Topic: REACH
Scope: Authorisation
Chapter: b) Scope
ID: 0564
Version: 1.1

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