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Q What is a simplified SCIP notification (SSN)?

The simplified SCIP notification (SSN) is a tool developed by ECHA to facilitate the fulfilment of the SCIP notification obligation without preparing a IUCLID dossier. 

It is a simplified solution to refer, on a voluntary basis, to information already submitted to ECHA by another duty holder. A duty holder who submits a simplified SCIP notification remains responsible for the information contained in the submitted SSN. It is up to the individual actors in the supply chain, or otherwise, to enter into the necessary arrangements, if considered needed, to use SSN to fulfil the SCIP notification obligation.  

The main target users of the simplified SCIP notification (SSN) are distributors. However, other duty holders may also use this tool.

For example, if you are a distributor you may refer voluntarily to information already submitted by an upstream supplier to ECHA within the same supply chain by submitting through the ECHA Submission Portal the SCIP number provided by your supplier on a voluntary basis. In this case, a pre-condition to use SSN is to have received the SCIP number of the article as such or complex object’s SCIP notification that has already been submitted to ECHA by your supplier. The SCIP number can be provided to you for instance together with the information communicated to you under REACH Article 33(1). The SSN is only applicable if the article as such or the complex object supplied to your customer is the same as the article or complex object that was supplied to you. E.g. As a distributor you are supplied a bicycle (with a SCIP number), you can then submit your own SSN in the ECHA Submission Portal using this SCIP number and will receive a new SCIP number from ECHA that you can then pass on to your customers.

Additional information on the scope of the SSN can be found in the manual “Tools to refer to SCIP data already submitted to ECHA”. A visual representation on how to use SSN via IUCLID can be found in the presentation “How to prepare and submit a SCIP notification" section “Simplified SCIP notification (SSN)”.

Date de modification: 12/11/2020
Topic: Waste Framework Directive - SCIP database
Scope: Reusing data
ID: 1696
Version: 1.0

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