Restrictions soumises actuellement à l'examen

This table shows ongoing consultations on conforming restriction proposals and SEAC draft opinions; the links to the web forms for submitting comments to ECHA during the relevant consultations can be found by clicking on details. For consultations on conforming restriction proposals, two deadlines are given; comments submitted by the first deadline are often very influential as they will be considered in the first discussion on the proposed restriction and more substantial comments should be submitted at the latest 1 month before the final deadline.

Please note: the ECHA Committees will not take into account the comments received after the final deadline in their opinion making process.

Consultations close at 23:59 Helsinki time (EET).

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Bisphenols with endocrine disrupting properties for the environment and their salts
EC Number
CAS Number
Submitted by
Restricting the placing on the market of mixtures and articles where concentration is equal to or greater than 10 ppm (0.001 % by weight).
The first condition shall not apply to mixtures and articles where the bisphenols in the scope of the restriction are either covalently bound to any type of matrix (e.g. via functioning as a cross-linker) or are used as intermediates in the manufacture of polymers, and for which
  1. contact to aqueous media in any form can be excluded during their reasonable and foreseeable use throughout their service life or
  2. the migration limit in the respective mixtures and articles does not exceed 0.04 mg/L over the entire service life.
Information note on restriction report
Restriction report
Annex XV report
Restriction report annexes

Annex H
Consultation on restriction report
Give Comments
Start of consultation on Annex XV report
1st deadline for comments on Annex XV report
End of consultation on Annex XV report
Comments submitted to date on restriction report

Part 1
Part 2
Response to comments on the restriction report
Information note on draft opinion of SEAC
Draft opinion of SEAC
RAC & SEAC (draft) Background document
RAC & SEAC (draft) Background document appendix
Consultation on SEAC draft opinion
Start of consultation on SEAC draft opinion
End of consultation on SEAC draft opinion
Comments submitted to date on SEAC draft opinion

The information submitted during the consultation procedure is used solely for that purpose. Personal data is never disclosed to the public and will be treated in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 45/2001 of 18 December 2000 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data by the Community institutions and bodies. Any party submitting data to ECHA is entitled to access and rectify that data. To exercise these rights you can contact the controller at data-controller-risk-management (at)




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