Appels à soumettre commentaires et preuves

Calls for comments and evidence allow interested parties to signal their interest and express their views and concerns in the preparatory phase of the restriction proposal. They also let interested parties comment on the different documents under preparation in ECHA in relation to restrictions, such as reports on substances in articles and guidelines on restriction entries.

Additional information to justify or support comments made is also welcomed. The information gathered will provide an input into developing Annex XV restriction dossiers or other documents. When we open a call for comments and evidence, we intend to give parties who otherwise might not have been identified and consulted a chance to submit information.

The calls for comments and evidence do not take the place of the public consultation on restriction proposals developed by Member States or ECHA, which forms a standard part of the restriction process.

Consultations close at 23:59 Helsinki time.


Current calls for comments and evidence

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aromatic brominated substances
EC Number
CAS Number
Start of consultation
Deadline for providing input
Subject of the call
Call for evidence on aromatic brominated flame retardants
Objective of the call
The Commission requested ECHA to prepare an investigation report on aromatic brominated flame retardants, that will support the Commission decide whether to request ECHA to prepare a restriction dossier. The objective of this call for evidence is to gather information on the sectors where aromatic brominated retardants are used, materials, concentrations, end-uses, volumes, information on releases as well as end-of-life information per use.

More information on the scope and objective of the call for evidence is available in the Background Note below.
Target group
This call for evidence is intended for interested parties such as private companies (manufacturers, suppliers, recyclers, downstream users, distributors, importers, alternative suppliers etc.), sector associations, laboratories, scientific organisations, NGOs and other stakeholders or Member State Authorities holding relevant information. Both EU/EEA and non-EU stakeholders are encouraged to participate. Information can be submitted confidentially and will be treated as such by ECHA.
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