Communicators’ Network

The Network brings together communicators from ECHA and the accredited stakeholders to share plans and discuss synergies in communications activities.  

The objectives of the network are:

1. sharing good practice to improve communication;

2. helping each other in terms of outreach and transmitting news of mutual interest;

3. bringing the expertise of the network members together in joint communications projects.

Accredited stakeholders are invited to participate in the work of the Network once they have appointed a communications contact person for their organisation.

ASO Communicators' Networks meetings


  Date Minutes
Ninth meeting 20/10/2016 [PDF]  [EN]
Seventh meeting 08/10/2015 [PDF]  [EN]
Sixth meeting 08/05/2015 [PDF]  [EN]
Fifith meeting 10/10/2014 [PDF]  [EN]
Fourth meeting 24/03/2014 [PDF]  [EN]
Third meeting 28/11/2013 [PDF]  [EN]
Second meeting 23/09/2013 [PDF]  [EN]
First meeting 13/05/2013 [PDF]  [EN]

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