Potenziell besorgniserregende Stoffe

Uses of substances with certain hazardous properties can be of concern for human health and/or the environment. Those substances that potentially have such properties need to be identified and subsequently processed using relevant regulatory steps to make sure that the risks associated with their use are properly addressed.

The chart below displays how the activities and regulatory processes relate to each other. It also shows the various lists of substances that result from the work of the authorities and are published by ECHA on its website.

The chart is a simplified representation of how the activities and processes are linked to each other. Substances might also enter one of the regulatory processes or activities at any point in time, without strictly following the flow represented in the chart.
More information on each activity, process and list is available by clicking on the specific sections in the chart below.

more info needed? No action concern? yes yes no no SCREENINGRegistration data C&L inventory and external sources Description of regulatory process and activities Registry of restriction intentions of SVHC intentions of CLH intentions until outcome Regulatory management option analysis Other legislation/action No action RMOA Generation of further information and assessment Informal assessment: Compliance check Substance evaluation Draft CoRAP list PBT assessment ED assessment Dossier evaluation CoRAP list Applications for authorisation Recommendation for the Authorisation List List of substances recommended Substances of very high concern Candidate List Authorisation List Restrictions Substances restricted under REACH reach/clp regulatory risk management Substance list PACT Harmonised classification and labelling Annex VI to CLP Regulation ED Expert Group PBT Expert Group

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