Current calls for comments and evidence

Calls for comments and evidence allow interested parties to signal their interest and express their views and concerns in the preparatory phase of the restriction proposal. They also let interested parties comment on the different documents under preparation in ECHA in relation to restrictions, such as reports on substances in articles and guidelines on restriction entries.

Additional information to justify or support comments made is also welcomed. The information gathered will provide an input into developing Annex XV restriction dossiers or other documents. When we open a call for comments and evidence, we intend to give parties who otherwise might not have been identified and consulted a chance to submit information.

The calls for comments and evidence do not take the place of the public consultation on restriction proposals developed by Member States or ECHA, which forms a standard part of the restriction process.

Consultations close at 23:59 Helsinki time.


Current calls for comments and evidence

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sodium perborate; perboric acid, sodium salt; perboric acid (H3BO2(O2)), monosodium salt, trihydrate; borate(2-), tetrahydroxybis[μ-(peroxy-κO1:κO2)]di-, sodium, hydrate (1:2:6); borate(2), tetrahydroxybis[μ-(peroxy-κO1:κO2)]di-, sodium (1:2); sodium peroxometaborate
EC Number
CAS Number
Start of consultation
Deadline for providing input
Subject of the call
Call for evidence on ECHA’s report investigating whether to initiate a restriction under Article 69(2)
Objective of the call

After the sunset date for a substance included on Annex XIV has passed, Article 69(2) of REACH requires ECHA to consider if the use of that substance in articles is adequately controlled. If this is not the case, ECHA shall prepare an Annex XV restriction dossier.

Annex XIV entries 48 and 49 cover six substances subject to this Call for Evidence. Their latest application date for authorisation was 27 November 2021 and the sunset date is 27 May 2023.

ECHA has gathered information on the uses of these substances in articles from various sources: SVHC candidate listing, recommendation for the inclusion of substances in Annex XIV as well as uses identified in the REACH registrations. ECHA has not received any applications for authorisations or notifications for substances in articles for them. Nevertheless, the combined evidence from the SCIP database, EU regulatory documents and online searches indicates that the substances covered by this draft report may have limited uses in articles – the most likely being electronic components.

Based on the available evidence, ECHA is of the view that further information is needed before conclusions can be drawn on the uses of these substances in articles and whether those uses or potential releases from them would cause risks to the human health necessitating the preparation of an Annex XV restriction dossier.

Target group
  • Member States
  • Companies that have registered, notified to the classification and labelling inventory or submitted SCIP notifications on one or more of these substances
  • Other organisations, in particular associations that cover electronic and/or automotive components
  • Organisations which have information about the six sodium perborates or their alternatives in articles

Based on the information in the draft report and on any additional data gathered during the Call for Evidence, ECHA will decide whether an Annex XV restriction dossier is warranted.

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