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Substance Identity
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Structural information (AND)
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Regulatory context (AND)
ECHA legislations
EUCLEF - Other chemical legislations
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Properties of concern (AND)
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Reasons of concern (AND)

Substance evaluation - CoRAP:

Candidate list:

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Classification and Labelling details (AND)

Data source(s)

Harmonised C&L Data (CLP Annex VI)
REACH Registration C&L Data
CLP Notification C&L Data
Globally Harmonised System
Classified hazards
Seveso Directive
  • Substance is named under Seveso
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Uses and exposure (AND)

Life cycle:

  • Consumer Uses
  • Article service life
  • Widespread uses by professional workers
  • Formulation or re-packing
  • Uses at industrial sites
  • Manufacture


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Biocides related information (AND)
Biocidal product-type
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Nanomaterial Registry (AND)