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Tracking chemicals of concern in products – SCIP database ready for use

Industry can now submit information on substances of very high concern in their articles to ECHA’s SCIP database. The aim is to make recycling of products safer and improve information about dangerous chemicals in products.

ECHA ready to help the EU achieve its ambitions for safe and sustainable chemicals
The European Commission has published its chemicals strategy for sustainability as part of the European Green Deal. ECHA welcomes the strategy and looks forward to supporting its implementation.
Consultations start on authorisation substitution plans
The substitution plans of four applications for authorisation to use a substance of very high concern will open for consultation on 21 October 2020. ECHA’s Committee for Socio-economic Analysis (SEAC) will evaluate the plans and the information received during the consultation to provide scientific underpinning for the European Commission to decide whether or not to grant the authorisations.


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Anmodninger om kommentarer og dokumentation
Stoffer: 1
  • Startdato: 14/10/2020
  • Frist: 15/01/2021
ECHA's Executive Director Requests to the Committees
Substitution plans - applications for authorisation: 4
  • Start date: 21/10/2020
  • Deadline: 18/11/2020
Forslag til forsøg
Forslag til forsøg: 29
  • Startdato: 21/09/2020
  • Frist: 05/11/2020
Forslag til forsøg: 26
  • Startdato: 19/10/2020
  • Frist: 03/12/2020


Harmoniseret klassificering og mærkning
CHL-forslag: 1
  • Startdato: 14/09/2020
  • Frist: 13/11/2020
CHL-forslag: 2
  • Startdato: 05/10/2020
  • Frist: 04/12/2020
CHL-forslag: 3
  • Startdato: 19/10/2020
  • Frist: 18/12/2020


Der er for øjeblikket ingen igangværende søgninger.


Public consultations on OEL proposal
OEL proposals: 1
  • Start date: 14/09/2020
  • Deadline: 12/11/2020
Public consultations on OEL proposal
OEL proposals: 1
  • Start date: 14/09/2020
  • Deadline: 12/11/2020


Proposals for new POPs
Consultations: 1
  • Start date: 14/10/2020
  • End of consultation: 09/12/2020

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