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Glyphosate: EU regulators begin review of renewal assessments

ECHA and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) have received a draft assessment of glyphosate carried out by four EU Member States and will now begin to consider the findings. Glyphosate – the most widely used herbicide in the world – is currently authorised for use in the EU until December 2022.

Chromium trioxide widely used in plating and surface treatment
ECHA has received over 1 000 notifications from industrial sites using chromium trioxide in chrome plating and surface treatment in the EU. This follows two European Commission decisions in December 2020 granting authorisation to use the chemical until September 2024. Enforcement authorities can now carry out inspections as necessary.
REACH and CLP have improved protection – but more needs to be done

Europe’s workers, consumers and the environment are better protected from harmful chemicals thanks to the EU’s chemicals laws, REACH and CLP. Despite progress, changes are needed to ensure they work more effectively to protect European citizens and ecosystems.

Is your company size declared correctly?
If you are a micro, small or medium-sized company, you should check that the company size you claimed when registering your substances is correct. You should also ensure that you have uploaded the required supporting documents in REACH-IT.
Companies must review registrations transferred from the UK

All transfers of registrations following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU have now been completed. More than 8 000 UK-based registrations have been successfully transferred to companies in the EU, EEA or Northern Ireland. These companies must review and, if needed, update the information in these registrations.

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