Current SVHC intentions

Substance Name EC Number CAS Number Dossier intended by Notification of intention Expected date of submission Scope  
Distillates (coal tar), pitch, pyrene fraction 295-313-4 91995-52-7 ECHA 27/06/2008 PBT
Residues (coal tar), pitch distn. 295-507-9 92061-94-4 ECHA 27/06/2008 PBT
Benzo[def]chrysene (Benzo[a]pyrene) [Benzo[a]pyrene and all substances that contain benzo[a]pyrene at a concentration equal to or greater than 0.01 % by weight.] 200-028-5 50-32-8 Germany 16/11/2011 CMR; PBT
Distillates (coal tar), heavy oils 292-607-4 90640-86-1 ECHA 27/06/2008 PBT
Distillates (coal tar), heavy oils, pyrene fraction 295-304-5 91995-42-5 ECHA 27/06/2008 PBT
Further Arsenic compounds - - Norway 30/04/2008 CMR
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