Registered substances

NB: The data published is compiled from joint or individual submissions for a substance. Thus the search filters below will be applied to compiled data from ALL of the registration dossiers submitted to ECHA. For example a search for a given Registrant Name and Total Tonnage Band between 10 000 and 1 000 000 tonnes may return results. However it must clearly be considered that the given registrant may be one among many, and that the Total Tonnage Band for the compiled data is calculated from the non-confidential quantities manufactured and imported by ALL registrants.

NB: Note also that the data published reflects the information contained in ECHA's databases as of the last updated date, and that not all data may be available for all substances.

Last updated 14 August 2014. Database contains 12636 unique substances and contains information from 48801 Dossiers.

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Chemical Property Search (via eChemPortal)

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eChem portal

Information on chemical properties of registered substances is directly accessible via eChemPortal.

ECHA is a key collaborator in the development of eChemPortal software and hosting, working in cooperation with OECD and other international regulatory institutions.

Registered Substances

As substances are registered under REACH, there is an obligation on registrants to provide information on the substances they manufacture or import.  ECHA subsequently has the obligation to make certain of this information publicly available.  Here you can find a variety of information on registered substances: for example their hazardous properties, their classification and labelling and how to use the substances safely. 

Note that the amount of information provided can vary for different substances – information comes from companies' REACH registrations and the higher the production volume of the substance the more information companies need to provide. Please be aware that ECHA does not verify the information before dissemination.

The number of substances for which information is available in the database will increase over time as companies submit more registrations dossiers. For further information about the content of the database, please read the Questions and Answers

Important Note on EC Numbers and List Numbers:

Some substances returned via the search above did not previously have an EC Number assigned, or were contained in a dossier for which a registrant did not indicate the existing assigned EC Number. These substances may have been assigned a List Number by ECHA.

The EC numbers and List Numbers in the dissemination database and in the lists above come from the following sources:


EC Number Source Status
2xx-xxx-x EINECS (European INventory of Existing Commercial chemical Substances) List Official
3xx-xxx-x EINECS (European INventory of Existing Commercial chemical Substances) List Official
4xx-xxx-x ELINCS (European LIst of Notified Chemical Substances) List Official
5xx-xxx-x NLP (No-Longer Polymers) List Official
List Number Source Status
6xx-xxx-x Automatically assigned to substances identified only with a CAS No. Not Official
7xx-xxx-x Assigned manually to validated substances from inquiries by ECHA Not Official
8xx-xxx-x Automatically assigned to substances identified only with a CAS No. (continuation of the 6xx-xxx-x series) Not Official
9xx-xxx-x Automatically assigned to substances without a CAS No. or other numerical identifier Not Official


Note: Authorities and companies should be aware that List Numbers do not have any legal significance; rather they are purely technical identifiers for processing a submission via REACH-IT. 

List Numbers should not be used in Safety Data Sheets, or for any similar documents. 


Please give us your feedback about ECHA's public database with information on registered substances.