Chemical safety report/Exposure scenario roadmap

About CSR/ES

Exposure scenarios are important tools for improving the safe use of chemicals in Europe. They are developed in the context of the chemical safety assessment undertaken as part of the REACH registration process.  ECHA and several stakeholder organisations have developed a plan for improving the content and use of exposure scenarios during the years 2013-2018.

All stakeholder organisations are encouraged to make a commitment to this collaborative effort by signing the commitment charter. By doing this, stakeholders recognise the importance of generating and communicating accurate and clear information on the conditions of safe use of chemicals through the supply chain. They also commit to support the further development and implementation of the actions laid down in the roadmap.



Achieving a common understanding among stakeholders on the purpose of the information in the CSR and the ES for communication.



Identification of the information that registrants need from downstream users so that they can assess their uses.



Development of the IT tools to support the efficient generation and communication of consistent information on safe use. 


Set up a process for formulators to consolidate the information from single substances into information on the conditions of safe use for their products.


Analysis of the specific needs of the various industrial and professional end-users of chemicals in order to provide targeted safety advice.

CSR/ES Roadmap

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