National helpdesks

According to the REACH and CLP Regulations (Article 124(2) of REACH and Article 44 of CLP), the countries of the European Union, in addition to Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, have established national REACH and CLP helpdesks to provide advice and assistance on REACH and CLP obligations. Under the BPR (Article 81), Member States* provide advice and assistance via their national BPR helpdesks or Competent Authorities.. These authorities are the first point of contact for companies established in the EU/EEA.

(*) Note that the BPR has not yet been incorporated in the EEA agreement. Companies established in Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein have, as their 1st point of contact for the BPR, the ECHA Helpdesk

What kind of advice can I get from the national helpdesk?

National helpdesks/Competent Authorities under the BPR will provide you with a wide range of information on the provisions of REACH,CLP and BPR. They will also advise you on the responsibilities you may have under these regulations.
In addition, the national helpdesks/Competent Authorities under the BPR provide service in your local language(s) and have a good understanding of national conditions. In some cases, they may also provide information on certain aspects of enforcement.

When should I contact the national helpdesk?

In most cases, the national helpdesks/Competent Authorities under the BPR should be the first point of contact for all duty holders seeking advice on REACH,CLP and BPR. You should also remember that the quickest way to get an answer might be the information displayed on their website. The Q&As on the ECHA website are also a good source of information.

For support to users of ECHA's IT tools (such as IUCLID 5, REACH-IT, R4BP 3 and Chesar), and assistance related to the processing of submissions, you may contact the ECHA Helpdesk.